The impact of the journal is another determining factor, although to take it iFrench Email List nto account it is convenient to assess the scope of French Email List the research carried out, and the possibilities that the selected journal will consider it as a valuable contribution. Therefore, deciding where to publish is one more task of the research process that implies rigor, above all, reading the journals in French Email List the field, knowledge of the subject, the quality of the research, and the honesty of who or who sign the work. to select a magazine according to its level. To consider exclusively the impact of the publication, in the final process, is a .French Email List Factors that influence the frequency of citation of an article Rafael Repiso | O

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ctober -145 Why is a job cited? Basically because it French Email List has something to contribute , therefore, the basis of everything is the originality and quality of the work . However, the nature of the work is useless if it is not read by anyone. Using the metaphor of energy, we can French Email List say that jobs are the fuel, the readers who will take advantage of that work are the oxidizer and the magazines are the catalyst, speeding up or slowing down this relationship without directly participating in it. The result, the energy, would be the appointments. Therefore already , if you want your work to be read French Email List and cited by the greatest number of people, you need it to be of quality and

French Email List

, at the same time, be able to approve the requirements of a scientific journal that has a large audience of researchers interested in the subject on which see the play. If French Email List we want to guess the possibilities that a work has of being cited, we must take into account the number of novel (and quality) elements that the work provides and put it in relation to its audience. French Email List The novel aspects have to do mainly with the results , but there are other important elements such as having a novel methodology , French Email List an interesting sample or a rich and attractive introduction .

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