Affinity between scientific journals Rafael Cayman Islands Email Addresses | April 6 2021 It is common for a topic to be present in several magazines and therefore there is an affinity between them. The affinities between journals are diluted when the common subject is very broad and, on the other hand, when the scope is highly hyper-specialized, it Cayman Islands Email Addresses increases, while the possibilities of other similar journals are reduced. Or put another way, any Education magazine, no matter how specialized it may be, is related to a generic magazine in the area, but two magazines that delve into Cayman Islands Email Addresses the publication of works on a specific topic, Education and Communication,

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for example, will have a high similarity between them, inverse to the relative Cayman Islands Email Addresses size of the field. In addition, when two or more journals share a theme, they also share other elements, such as authors, reviewers and even members of the editorial committee. That is why a researcher in a specific area must know in which journals he can find works that are of interest to Cayman Islands Email Addresses him and at the same time send manuscripts. In case of rejection, the normal thing will be to resend the work to a periodical publication related to the first one. As has been said, the usual affinity between journals is subject matter, which means Cayman Islands Email Addresses that journals are sensitive to publishing the same works.

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This affinity between journals makes them compete in a short range Cayman Islands Email Addresses of aspects, such as attracting the best papers and researchers (authors and reviewers) or positioning in databases, but they converge on the main objective, which is the growth of the knowledge in an area and care for a specific community. Therefore, collaboration is usually the main trend Cayman Islands Email Addresses between journals in the area, especially since a large number of members are present in both, and also the scientific impact of one depends very closely on the recognition it has in its related journals. A complex way to identify affinity between Cayman Islands Email Addresses journals, but easy thanks to products such as the Journal

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