All of these elements can be a separate reason for a work to receive citations. Likewise, potential readers (and future Georgia Email List ) are not limited to the audience of a journal, but rather the authors themselves have their audience that overlaps to a greater or lesser Georgia Email List degree with that of the rest of the co-authors according to the shared aspects. For this reason, international Georgia Email List collaboration is also an element that increases the chances that a work will be cited. Seeing that the factors that influence the frequency of citation were many and diverse and affect this objective to a greater or lesser extent, Alicia Moreno-Georgia Email List Delgado, Ignacio Aguaded and a server,

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we decided to publish a somewhat ore extensive work than a simple post and of On the way to inaugurate a journal that is called to be a benchmark in Georgia Email List -American Bibliometric studies. Therefore, we recommend the following reading if the reader is still interested in delving into the different factors that affect whether or not a work is cited. Repiso, R., Moreno-Delgado, A., & Georgia Email List , I. (2020). Factors that influence the frequency of citation of an Georgia Email List article. Journal of Science Measurement and Communication, 1 (1). that influence the frequency of citation of an article Rafael Why is a job cited? Georgia Email List Basically because it has something to contribute ,

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therefore, the basis of everything is the originality and quality of the Georgia Email List work . However, the nature of the work is useless if it is not read by anyone. Using the metaphor of energy, we can say that jobs are the fuel, the readers who will take advantage of that work are the Georgia Email List oxidizer and the magazines are the catalyst, speeding up or slowing down this relationship without directly participating in it. The result, the energy, would be the appointments. Therefore already gross Georgia Email List Thus, if you want your work to be read and cited by the greatest number of people, you need it to be of quality and, at the same time, Georgia Email List be able to approve the requirements of a scientific journal that has a large audience of

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