Open access repositories and their policies can be consulted in RS outh Korea WhatsApp Number List OARMAP and in the OpenD OAR open access repositories directory The Golden Way: Publishing in Open Access Scientific Journals. These are mainly financed by publishers, authors and publishing institutions. TS outh Korea WhatsApp Number List hese journals can be found in the DOAJ Open Access Journal Directory In addition, to know the conditions for the authors of each journal in relation to open access, exploitation rights and self-archive permissions, ySouth Korea WhatsApp Number List ou can consult DULCINEA , for Spanish journals, a. The latter categorizes the journals and their conditions by color: in green those publications that allow the archiving of both preprints and p;in blue those t South Korea WhatsApp Number List hat allow only the archiving of the final prints; i

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n yellow those that allow the archiving of preprints but not final vSouth Korea WhatsApp Number List ersions; and blank those that do not allow filing. It is important to note that open aSouth Korea WhatsApp Number List ccess in no case is synonymous with low quality, although a consequence of this is the emergence of fraudulent journals, mS outh Korea WhatsApp Number List any prestigious journals, in the top positions of international rankings adhere to the open access policy, gSouth Korea WhatsApp Number List ood An example of this would be Communicate ; and others offer the possibility of releasing the articles in open access, although not the entire journal is. Open Access (English Open Access , O South Korea WhatsApp Number List A) is access without financial constraints, technical, administrative, or those derived from the

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copyright to digital resources from academic and sSouth Korea WhatsApp Number List cientific production. In this way, the user can access scientific publications for free through the network, bSouth Korea WhatsApp Number List eing able to reproduce and distribute the information provided that the authors’ rights are contemplated, South Korea WhatsApp Number List normally collected through Creative Commons lSouth Korea WhatsApp Number List The birth of this movement is motivated by technical advances and the development of the Internet that facilitates the management, storage and gSouth Korea WhatsApp Number List lobal distribution of scientific content. Added to this is the fact that most of the research a

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