sections of the structure of a scientific article Methodological vTaiwan Phone Number List alue of the conclusions Proper use of scientific literature As mentioned above, the peer review method has received numerous criticisms and questions, including: Subjectivity Process delay Fraud Taiwan Phone Number List Disciplinary, cultural, regional bias among others Another problem around this process is the limited availability of reviewers, Taiwan Phone Number List this is due to the increase in the number of journals, which demands a large number of reviewers, and sometimes researchers who do not have the appropriate skills to perform this need to be recruited. homework, often Taiwan Phone Number List unpaid. That is why large publishers, such as Elsevier, grant one month

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of free access to their flagship database, “SCOPUS”, for Taiwan Phone Number List each review, to attract reviewers and guarantee the quality of their journals, which undoubtedly, until today, rests on an excellence review process. Tweet Taiwan Phone Number List Pinterest Tumblr Consortium magazines The globalization process has reached the academic sphere in various ways, among them are open access , the Taiwan Phone Number List concurrence of multiple languages , scientific social networks , and of course consortium journals. The consortium journals emerge from the need to group those belonging to related subject areas of study in order to enable new Taiwan Phone Number List publication spaces for authors, grant greater international visibility and increase the

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transparency of the editorial processes. At the end of the day, Taiwan Phone Number List it seeks to establish specialized networks of periodical publications, regardless of whether they come from Taiwan Phone Number List universities, government entities or scientific associations that are interested in Taiwan Phone Number List maximizing their dissemination. The magazine consortium is based mainly on three aspects: 1. Exchange of reviewers: Knowing that the areas of knowledge are constantly diversifying, the fact of having associated publications facilitates Taiwan Phone Number List contact with profiles of experts on different topics. 2. Notification of the publication of a new issue:

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