knowing them, makes it easier for us to channel our next investigations into current emerging themes, which are ultimately the ones that interest journals. of high impact in Cambodia Phone Number List which we intend to publish the manuscripts that inform our studies and work. Talking about emerging themes and research topics is to put the sore in one of the main parameters that must be taken into Cambodia Phone Number List account if you want to publish in high-impact journals. The impact index worries the authors, they always want to publish in the best positioned journals and, therefore, with a higher impact index, but it also worries the journals Cambodia Phone Number List because it is the way in which they are classified and placed in a most relevant place in the ranking of your area.

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The impact index is obtained by a quotient between the Cambodia Phone Number List number of manuscripts published in the last two years and the citations received, from journals from the same indexing source, in those same years. In order to increase citations, and therefore the impact index, Cambodia Phone Number List journals have to select emerging topics, so they are a direct source when it comes to knowing where research is moving in a given area. Also the congresses of the different areas, given their immediacy, are also a forum in which we try to Cambodia Phone Number List reflect and provide research data on the topics that, at a certain moment,

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are current Taking into account these considerations is why we Cambodia Phone Number List propose a double track when it comes to locating which are the emerging themes in an area. In the first place, a search can be considered to find which are the journals that, for a certain area, are in the Q1 and Cambodia Phone Number List quartiles, both of the WOS and SCOPUS. Once this is done, we would have to review the abstracts and keywords of all the articles published in these journals in the last two years (although it may seem like a huge task, it is not and it is relatively easy to do in a short time). Obviously, if journals need their call for papers Cambodia Phone Number List to be up to date (in which they divide between monographic and miscellaneous,

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