ut also their involvement in each issue, the indications UK WhatsApp Number List for reviewers (regulations), an explanatory video and also the files / protocols of the different sections UK WhatsApp Number List that are used to review and that are for public hearing. A final recommendation for the authors! UK WhatsApp Number List Knowing the review sheets, the guidelines for evaluating the manuscripts and even the list of reviewers will undoubtedly allow us to UK WhatsApp Number List better adjust the format of our research to be successful in this type of high-level scientific journals that are not only demanding. in the content but also in the entire presentation format. The scientific journals of UK WhatsApp Number List international prestige have as their maxims the rigor, punctuality and transparency.

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of all their processes, in such a way that they generate UK WhatsApp Number List confidence in the scientific community that has access to the studies and research that are published, as UK WhatsApp Number List well as the researchers who they decide to present their work there. All scientific journals already have “UK WhatsApp Number List regulations for authors” which, contrary to what is commonly thought, are more valuable the more standardized they are and the fewer “singularities” they generate for authors who wander from one publication to another. UK WhatsApp Number List High-level scientific journals share common standards that make it easier for authors and readers to understand their UK WhatsApp Number List manuscripts.

UK WhatsApp Number List

More than confinement, it is a matter of not wasting researchers UK WhatsApp Number List time on formal issues and really focusing on the new and original contributions that papers must necessarily contain in these types of journals. Along with the regulations for authors, prestigious journals, such as “UK WhatsApp Number List ”have a “regulations or indications for reviewers”, that scientific community on which the evaluation pivots blindness of the manuscripts and that it is an essential element to UK WhatsApp Number List structure scientific advance through periodical publications. The regulations or guidelines for reviewers UK WhatsApp Number List must be public and known not only by them but also by readers and, above all, authors,

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