not able to reach the right audience. In a globalized world, Hong Kong Phone Number List with instant communications, we must take advantage of the synergies that the information society offers us: Alternative metrics that make the article visible on digital platforms. Quality of the publication chosen, which guarantees an optimal starting context. The key ideas , highlighting the value of the research. Scientific social networks , Hong Kong Phone Number List which efficiently focus the attention of colleagues, doctoral students and research staff. In addition to these factors, all of them to take into account for the publication of our research, there is another of vital importance: the edition of the manuscript in English. Photo: Hong Kong Phone Number List Source:

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Statista The importance of the language or languages ​​in which we publish Hong Kong Phone Number List will mark the possibilities of real readers for our research, the greater the number of potential readers, the greater the possibility of generating a significant impact on the scientific community. It is in this Hong Kong Phone Number List case where the number of approximate millions of speakers of the language or languages ​​in which we publish acquires special relevance. If our article is published in Spanish, we are talking about a probabilistic range, although not real (since not all speakers of a language will be potential readers of our research) Hong Kong Phone Number List of about 420 million people, if we add an English version to this version,

Hong Kong Phone Number List

we are adding an approximate population of 1,500 people. Hong Kong Phone Number List Therefore, in a global and connected ecosystem where knowledge is generated with a vocation to reach, the more the better, the linguistic aspect will undoubtedly redound to this intention, offering a Hong Kong Phone Number List potential audience to our article that we would never have dreamed of. Therefore, to the value of communicating our article we will add the value of communicating to as many as the better, always seeking an English edition of our article. It is important not to fail to mention how essential it is at this point to guarantee a professional and Hong Kong Phone Number List academic version that reinforces the dual language strategy, contributing to a

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