The digital acceleration in the wake of the pandemic has opened new avenues of debate in the advertising industry. New platforms and options arise almost daily to provide solutions to the great challenge that digitization has posed. Especially in the marketing and advertising industry, where concepts such as “cookies”, “leads” or “multichannel” act as protagonists of our strategies.

Companies like Peach make this complexity clearer through the distribution of advertising. The company has managed to get advertisers, agencies and production companies to trust Peach and at MarketingDirecto. We wanted to give this sweden mobile phone number example business a voice and learn about the current challenges the company is facing. To do this, Mariya Dimitrova Yordanova , Country Sales Manager of Peach, has answered our questions.

What Differences Do You Find in The Current Market Compared

From the point of view of managing advertising creativities, if we go back some ten years, we can find important differences. On the other hand, digital advertising was at the beginning of its exponential growth, and many stopped questioning its future, but some skepticism remained about the magnitude it could have.

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Today, more and more digital platforms and technology are emerging. While the process of working with advertising creatives for television is fully automated and optimized, the digital sector has been left behind. Which produces a paradox that I find especially curious: linear advertising is more digitized and automated than digital advertising itself.

How Does Peach Help This Process?

The time it takes to deliver a spot from post-production to TV broadcast is 4 hours. Even if we extend this timing to 24 hours. If we look at video creatives only, the complexity comes not only from the number of platforms.

That each of them requires in order to broadcast it. Specifications that are collected and handled manually. And that we have not yet gone into detail that once the technical specifications of each support. Where our spot has to go have been clarified. And the different versions of it are ready, we enter a circle of emails, calls, WhatsApp, wetrasfers, ydrays , FTPs… what has been happening to us along the way in order to take the spot to broadcast.

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