check that we answer the question, what is the meaning of what I found? Andorra Email List and verify that we have made an interpretation of the results obtained and their implications, while comparing these results with those reviewed in previous research on the same subject that we place the findings of our research among the current ideas about what is investigated. It is also necessary to verify that in the Andorra Email List Conclusions we make a recapitulation of the most important findings found and expose the Limitations of the research and the new research proposals. To finish, insist on the importance, in scientific writing, of following a consensual structure when preparing our Algeria Email List .The importance of disseminating our research Monica BAndorra Email List onilla-del-Rio | November 1 2021

Why Is Building An Email List So Important?

Contrary to the belief that the author’s role ends once his manuscript Andorra Email List has been accepted and published in a scientific journal, the reality is that the post-publication phase is as important as the design and development phases of the research, as well. as of writing and Andorra Email Listsending the manuscript. There is no doubt that the author is the first interested in promoting his article, since it would be useless to have invested a great deal of effort and time in carrying out a study, if no other researcher were to read the advances and findings obtained. In this case, all the work carried out would be anecdotal, since it Andorra Email List would not contribute to the construction of scientific knowledge. In this way,

Andorra Email List

once our research has been published in a journal, as authors we must be Andorra Email List actively involved in the process of disseminating the results and conclusions . This commitment to encourage the reading of the article and publicize the contribution of the study is of vital importance, since it will allow the transfer of the contributions of our research to the Andorra Email List scientific community. Algeria Email List Likewise, this disclosure will improve the visibility of the manuscript and, consequently, may have an impact on citations and the impact it generates . To do this, we can follow several strategies to promote our article, in order to make it a visible Algeria Email List object on the Internet: 1) Send the manuscript in PDF to our entire Andorra Email List of potentially.

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