Marketing and advertising professionals gathered yesterday for a new installment of La Noche MD , the program that MarketingDirecto organizes at Clubhouse every Thursday. The tenth episode put the focus on algorithms.

This new room was joined by professionals such as Gaby Castellanos , CEO & Founder of socialphilia; Emilio Marquez , CEO of La Latina Valley; Ariel Brailovsky , author, speaker, and coach; and Paco Jariego , Ph.D. in Physical Sciences, author and independent researcher. For instance, Majé López , dream manager and communication expert; Sergio Martín , journalist for RTVE; and Javier Piedrahita , CEO and Founder of MarketingDirecto, were in charge of the moderation.

Let’s Free Ourselves from The Algorithm

The topic that our medium put on the table in this room on marketing and advertising with great experts in the field. And on this question, Sergio Martín gave an example of the Twitter algorithm. «About 24 hours ago, a message from Paco Jariego jumped on my El salvador B2B list Twitter TL that said ‘only today I will put my book for free. I RT him and it was for Book Day. The Twitter algorithm does mischief », he told those attending this episode of La Noche MD. “You think you are free. I fell into the trap of the algorithm.

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Javier Piedrahita Made Reference to An Article

After that, By the always-critical Bob Hoffman (The Ad Contrarian) about the war caused by toxic algorithms and driven by advertising. “The growing divide that has appeared in our culture. Our society has been significantly driven by the hidden hand of digital algorithms, ” Hoffman harshly stated in this post.

Moreover, “Let’s free the algorithm, let’s not free ourselves from the algorithm. I come here to defend him. I am very critical of issues that have been discuss here. Such as clickbait and manipulation, because deep down I am convince that technology is the way to go”, said Paco Jariego.

«Precisely on the subject of the algorithm, the possibilities are really enormous. Unfortunately the business models in which we stuck. Certain interests associated with the way in which many issues are being develope prevent technology from giving us the potential that it could have. Let’s free the algorithm.”

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