And it is that the physical deployment of the host team. Under climatic conditions. has raised the doubts of multiple media in the world. Spain. Brazil and England . among others. Have put their finger on the line even when FIFA assured that the players were investigated and there were no results that feed those doubts. With a record of two wins and one loss in their group. During their two wins in which they scored eight unanswered goals. The physical prowess displayed was 118 and 115 kilometers run per match. It was the painting that ran the most throughout the World Cup. Another point that raised suspicion was that Russia came to the contest as the lowest ranked in the tournament. Being in 70th place. while in the last European Championship they left in the first phase as a result of two defeats and a draw.

Various media on the planet. Such as the British portal ” Mail on Sunday “. assured that FIFA covered up cases of doping of Russian soccer players. Something that the highest soccer official denied; However. from England it was stated that there is evidence and the name of Ruslan Kambolov was revealed . who was part of the preliminary list and ended up being excluded from the last one. In turn. Richard Pound . former president of the World Anti- Doping Agency . remarked. “they should have done an independent investigation. FIFA is an institution that never had a solid anti-doping policy.” Meanwhile. the director of the United States anti-doping agency. Travis Tygart . also raised doubts about him. “It would be naive to think that Russia will not violate anti-doping rules during the World Cup.” he told The Guardian .

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FIFA continues in its line of ensuring that Chile whatsapp number list  is no problem and. In its latest statement. stated that “every last stone” was lifted. regarding the investigation. without finding abnormal results. There is nothing confirmed. No one has said a word officially. there are no scheduled press conferences or details on the matter. However. the markets “smell” something. That’s right. While the rumors of the acquisition of the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo by the Italian club increase. the shares in the stock market of Juventus. the alleged interested party. do not stop growing. The price of the Vecchia Signora closed on Wednesday with gains of the order of 7% on the Milan Stock Exchange. While on Thursday they started with a rise of lesser proportion.


The stock market increase is due to the possible arrival of the current Real Madrid player for an amount that. it is speculated. Could be around 100 million euros (117 million dollars). Although there was no official confirmation from any club. Several reports have been published about a possible transfer to the Italian club. which raises market expectations. The sports media in Italy only talk about this. According to Bloomberg . the club’s shares hit an intraday high of 9.7% on Wednesday. the highest since March. After Cristiano Ronaldo was reported to have accepted a salary proposal from Juventud to leave Real Madrid. According to Récord . the 33-year-old forward would have agreed to play in Turin until 2022 with the annual salary he wanted: 30 million euros.

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Less than a tenth of his termination clause. If the operation goes through for 117 million dollars. it will be an amount higher than the little more than 105 million dollars that Real Madrid paid for Ronaldo to Manchester United in 2009. Despite his 33 years. the Portuguese is ranked 24th among the most valuable soccer players with a value of 103.4 million euros. In addition. income from sponsorships for Ronaldo. according to Forbes. Is about 28 million dollars per year to use his image. Carry out advertising campaigns and capitalize on his great social impact. Nike Inc. is on track to beat adidas AG in its long-running battle to sponsor the jerseys of the teams participating in the 2018 World Cup in Russia .

Nike. on the one hand. dresses Brazil. France and England . Teams qualified for the quarterfinals that are most likely to win the World Cup. according to bookmakers. as well as Croatia . For its part. adidas has Belgium. Russia and Sweden among the top eight. While Uruguay is dressed by Puma SE. The combined achievements of Nike’s squads in Russia spell great success for the American brand as it seeks to grow its global soccer-related sales. Which exceeded $2 billion in fiscal 2018 . “Although adidas dominates the European leagues and the US pro league. It is obvious that any market share Nike can get in a non-traditional sport in the US can only be good for the share price and the brand.” he said. Jake Dollarhide. CEO of Longbow Asset Management in Tulsa. Oklahoma. told Reuters.

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