Since the pandemic unexpectedly precipitated many companies into remote work, many of them have decided to continue with this modality, even indefinitely. In this context, many workers have noticed how the work dynamic has changed due to this situation.

In fact, according to data from the ‘Learning at Work Report 2020’ by Kahoot! Based on a survey of different professionals, almost two out of three workers find that team spirit has decreased to some extent with remote work. That same number of employees say, on the other hand, that remote work benefits their learning and development .

“As organizations continue to adapt to more technological work environments, this is the perfect time to analyze and take a closer look at what professionals have to say about the remote work experience and what they would like to see in the future of learning. and development,” says James Micklethwait , Vice President of Kahoot! at work.

The Challenges of Teleworking Led to A Greater Ambition to Learn

Almost half of the professionals, 46%, say that teleworking has made learning and development more relevant than ever in the workplace. As a result of the pandemic and moving the office to their homes, many realized that they needed to strengthen certain skills.

This was quite a challenge, but it served to detect the deficiencies and the weak points in which it was necessary to improve in order to be able to execute the tasks effectively. Despite employee perception, nearly one in two respondents do not Netherlands B2B list feel their organizations have improved their training offerings , while nearly one in five say their experience has worsened or even stopped altogether. In contrast, one in four consider that their employers are offering better development offers since the pandemic.

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This attachment to the home has also been reflected in the professional learning model. Since 46% prefer that their organization continue to teach courses completely online, even if they return face-to-face. Most believe that a mix of digital and in-person training is best.

Workers Feel Less Commitment and Connection with Their Colleagues

Perhaps one of the most “serious” results is that almost two out of three respondents. Feel that the team spirit in their workplace has decreased to some extent with remote work. Likewise, 29% indicate feeling less committed. It is a reality that invites companies to promote labor commitment more effectively.

With the right approach, virtual teams can connect just like face-to-face teams. From Kahoot! They draw the conclusion that one in four interviewees indicate. That they feel more committed as a result of teleworking. And that more than one in three affirm that the team spirit is as strong as ever.

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