The amount of information collected is large and has to be processed by hand on many occasions. This is a common problem in the research projects that we face as researchers. To deal with it, it is essential to follow a methodology appropriate to the framework.

We use the double diamond model to remind us that divergence processes must be accompanied by a subsequent period of convergence. For this, ordering and analysis techniques are used.

Large Volume of Information

In the previous one we analyzed and cell phone database free compared the experience in different online supermarkets, but have we done a sectoral study of usability, doing all of them? The answer is obviously no.

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To begin with, it would be a mistake to think that the problems or the best practices that we find in one sector are going to coincide with those found in another. The purpose of a sector study is to compare products that are in the same circumstances.

According to The Context

The definition of the study will change, adapting to external conditions. Specifically, we see that the profile of the potential user of supermarkets. E-commerce is much more general than that of para pharmacy.

Subsequently, we orient our analysis to where the data indicates. The way of facing some moments of the analysis has changed with respect to the previous study.

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