One in which they can look at prices and make decisions. That is. provide them with everything they need at their fingertips. According to a study by the eMarketer firm. 7 out of 10 Colombians own at least one cell phone. which translates into a figure close to 33 million mobile phone customers in the country. In addition. Colombia is the third country with the highest user penetration rate in Latin America. and according to the ICT Ministry we can speak of a penetration of 116%. figures that are not insignificant and that allow us to understand the importance of having a presence in them. Clear loyalty strategy There are multiple tools. channels and ways to build loyalty. but it is still vital that your business has a clear strategy in this regard.

Not all tools work for different types of companies. and that is why it is key to know what you want to build loyalty and how to do it. Remember that this strategy must include different areas or departments and keep in mind innovation and market trends in terms of customer service. Don’t forget to move from the transaction to the real relationship. 7. Segment your customers very well Nothing is more uncomfortable for a buyer than receiving information on a topic that is not of their interest or preference. Hence the importance of segmenting them very well and giving them what they really want and need.

And Each One Must Be Created

Categorize your consumers by type of Uganda whatsapp number list others. to correctly address each one. Be very clear about who are the regular buyers. who are new customers and who supports the brand. They will be excellent ambassadors. You can use techniques such as Pareto’s Law. which is also known as the 80-20 rule. ABC distribution. or law of the vital few. Find out here what it consists of. how to take advantage of it and other applications it has. 8. Email Marketing Through this you will be able to make personalized offers and measure the results. Promote those shipments with discounts. promotions and/or free e-book downloads with eye-catching content.

Uganda whatsapp number list

The Huffington Post managed to position itself among the top and most influential publications on the Internet. So much so. that the newspaper in which Arianna had invested about 1 million dollars was bought in April 2011 for about 230 million euros by Time Warner. Google Although it emerged at the height of the time when dotcoms were booming. for many web portals the need to have a good search engine was not evident at that time; those in charge of these failed to see the potential behind the product that Larry Page and Sergey Brin had created. Fortunately for these two entrepreneurs. it was only enough for one person to see the great potential behind their creation. to make the first contribution to their cause worth US$100.000.

Product Consumer And Other

Subsequent rounds of financing were given and we already know what this company would end up becoming. (In case you are interested. here you can see an interesting infographic about the history of Google Adwords. One of the star products that the company has had throughout its history). Amazon Despite the fact that many shareholders seemed to lose their hopes in the company. After several years of not giving profits. since the bursting of the ‘dotcom’ bubble made one think the worst in relation to its future. After five years of being launched Amazon’s unconventional business model. This began to bear fruit. being only the beginning of an impressive growth. That it would achieve in its following years and that was hand in hand with the increasing. Use of the Internet in the world.

If you are interested in knowing more about this company and the aspects. That influenced its overwhelming success. here you can find 10 guidelines that helped drive this popular e-commerce. PayPal It’s hard to imagine how many people trusted. PayPal during its early years. giving the company their most valuable data when it wasn’t even link to a bank. And although in its beginnings the company caught the attention of people related to organized crime. Seeking to carry out fraud and illicit activities. PayPal managed to get ahead and attract the attention of large investors and companies. To the point of making it. today. One of the the largest Internet payment companies in the world.

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