The digital age is accompanied by a boom in audiovisual content that forces us to quickly adapt to the consumer. With the pandemic, this acceleration that we perceived intensified. Companies had to work harder to introduce the improvements that their consumers demanded. Thus respond to the new scenario that came into action.

The audiovisual became a parallel universe, based on entertainment, which welcomed multidisciplinary and versatile profiles that managed to reduce the problem we had at home by not being able to go out. Thanks to this fateful period, consumers began to what is a china phone number value and consume more this type of content. All the more reason to analyze the trajectory and evolution of the audiovisual format, something that Smartme Analytics has done in a virtual meeting organized by MarketingDirecto.

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Lola Chicon, CEO & Founder of Smart Analytics

and Javier Pérez de la Fuente, Data Analytics from Smartme Analytics. Were in charge of introducing the topics that the speakers would later reflect on in success stories. Above all, All of them united in a common objective. To demonstrate the potential of the audiovisual and to consolidate the keys to generate a successful strategy.

In addition, The online meeting has had the participation of Fernando Ramírez, Strategy, Analytics & Digital Media of PlayStation. Ana María Alonso, Media and Insights Manager of the MásMóvil Group; Enrique Arnaiz Ateca, Product Marketing & Research at Smarclip; and Javier Acebo Barreiro, Insights Director of Publicis Media. All of them have had a few minutes to present a success story related to their companies. Demonstrate with data the evolution they have undergone in recent years.

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After that, Once this first part is over, all of them have joined a round table moderated by Javier Piedrahita, CEO & Founder of MarketingDirecto. The first to comment on the current paradigm was Ramírez. Who explained: «This whole issue of video has influenced content creators. The more bidirectional participation with photos and images used to be more democratized, but now video demands higher level productions».

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