The coronavirus has led to a health, economic and social crisis with consequences that have yet to be verified. That is what dentsu X has called the “black swan theory”. We have been told about this and other trends at the ‘Identity’ event , organized by the firm and the Spanish Planners Association (APG).

The main objective of this meeting was to discuss the evolution of contact points and the ways of building brand identity after the impact of COVID-19. For this, they have taken into account several concepts, such as frequency, relevance and power, the latter being the union between the first two and the final impact on the consumer.

Among the Conclusions We Find that The Audiovisual

Has recovered part of its power in terms of relevance, since before the pandemic it was losing influence. On the other hand, those that have grown considerably as points of contact have been recommendations, the social environment and gaming. On the contrary, all the points related to exteriors have decreased in power. In the end, they are changes Lithuania WhatsApp Number List that have been produced by the situation of consumers, who have seen how their pyramid of needs has been shaken.

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Social distancing, for example, has led to the affiliation part not being cover. This, in turn, has led to the substitution of physical experiences for virtual ones . Thus, we have tried to satisfy our demands through our digital selves, which has created new ways to connect and has extolled the points focused on socialization.

The “sorpasso” from The Virtual World to The Real One

Mobility restrictions and lockdowns have contributed to our taking more refuge in the virtual plane. Samuel Valiente , director of La Nueva Carne, dares to affirm that there is “a kind of sorpasso from the digital world to the physical world”. “The new generations have gone from creating a virtual identity based on physical identity. To taking elements from virtual identities to make up our physical identity,” says the journalist. This has underline that cultures, expressions and dynamics are being extract into the physical environment.

Within this context of prioritizing the virtual, Twitch has had a great impact . It is one of the platforms that has grown the most in 2020. While a few years ago, when it was born, it was closely related to gaming. The truth is that it has expanded its networks and relevance to all kinds of industries.

In fact, it could be said that right now it is at the center of the game. And that it is linked to other very different areas. Stated in the round table that the keys to success for this platform are a community. Belonging, emotional connection and interaction . “You become a co-creator of that moment,” she has indicated.

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