Audio has made its way into digital marketing to occupy an important space in the different scenarios posed by new technologies. Social networks have entered their game and have consolidated their interest in incorporating voice among their functionalities.

We can see this in different cases, from Clubhouse to Twitter Spaces or Instagram voice rooms. In addition, according to recent studies. It is estimated that more than 20% of queries on Google or Android devices are made by voice. Also, 31% of smartphone users use voice at least once a week and sales of voice assistants continue to grow. Listening to podcasts and the use of smart speakers are also growing year after year. In fact, the number of Spaniards with a smart speaker at home has increased significantly, from 6.2% in 2019 to 12.4% in 2020.

Three Keys to Keep in Mind when Developing Audio Strategies

In this context, from Rebold they expose a series of keys for companies to redirect their strategies by focusing on voice marketing.

1. SEO positioning is elementary
SEO positioning is essential in any digital field because it is what helps us to stand out, to stand out and for users to choose us instead of the Hungary WhatsApp Number List main competitors. However, they are not the same strategies as those that must be carried out in an online media. “Don’t forget that voice search requires a different SEO strategy than mobile-optimized blogging and local SEO. The results will speak for themselves once a proper voice search strategy is employed,” says Belén Naz of Rebold.

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2. You have to set the objectives
We have to be very clear about the purposes we have when we embark on the world of audio. Depending on what it is, we will choose one channel or another to develop our voice marketing. Podcasts, for example, are efficient for generating brand awareness, engagement, and even nurturing leads. “They are useful for converting loyal customers and building a consistent community around the brand. With them it is possible to generate traffic to a website and even monetize content and obtain profitability”, says Naz.

Achieving Greater Engagement Is Possible with Audio

According to a Google study, there is 60% more brand recall and 52% more interest in it among users through audio. In fact, the emotional bond that is achieved with this type of content is superior, for example, to the text. In short, it is useful to generate community around the brand in question.

From Rebold they emphasize that this trend will continue to increase, and revolutionize the world of marketing, forcing brands to develop strategies adapted to voice searches. At the same time, advertisers will have much more information about users , which will allow them to improve their relationship with them and offer hyper-personalized proposals.

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