The pandemic has accelerated online shopping and e-commerce has positioned itself as the king of the internet. Consumer habits have changed, and although it is still early to say a resounding goodbye to the physical point of sale. It is true that the online channel is currently essential. The question is how, since setting up your own website has become a complex job.

E -commerce has become the showcase of the 21st century, with the challenge of hooking the user at a glance. An increasingly demanding consumer with more supply than ever . That is why it is important to establish certain rules when building our web portal. A space that SiteGround has wanted to promote with its new online course “WooCommerce for creating online stores” in which it will teach the keys to success in this new digital venture.

Fernando Tellado , Founder of Word Press Help

The most visited blog on resources, services and information on the Spanish-speaking tool in the world. Is in charge of presenting this new course along with the advantages it offers. Tellado is also an expert WordPress teacher and consultant, an international Finland B2B list speaker and a fundamental piece in the Spanish WordPress community.

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The course deals with electronic commerce with a focus on the exponential growth that this tool is experiencing. The trend marks a boom in online users, so we must keep up with consumer demand if we do not want to be left behind. Is a technical profile necessary to achieve it? SiteGround’s answer in their new course is no and during the lesson hours they show you why.

In this way, learning to configure, to personalize the online store. And make the most of the potential of an e-commerce will be simple thanks to the tools that the course offers. The methodology follows an application of content hierarchy. Which ranges from an analytical perception, to SEO positioning, passing through the essential plugins. Whose objective is to ensure that your online store remains open 24 hours a day and reaches a greater number Of customers.

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