That new consumption habits have accelerated digital transformation processes is undeniable. In addition, it has reached all kinds of areas and companies, such as those specialized in training.

The implementation of marketing automation tools. Based on the automation of customer acquisition and sales processes, is key to improving the user experience. This consistently implies that it contributes to increasing the interest of future students. This is one of the main conclusions of the online meeting on digital transformation in education organized by redk and Salesforce. As stated in the session, investment in software will increase the organization’s turnover and optimize the time of the sales team.

The Acquisition of New Customers

Will improve by up to 25% and the number of qualified leads will increase by up to 31%”, assured Enrique Cerrato , B2C Marketing & Growth Consultant at Salesforce.

Moreover, The benefits of marketing Egypt WhatsApp Number List automation in education. In addition, the conversion in the processes of appointments and interviews. Users who are interested in specific training experiences an increase of 24% . For its part, the number of cancellations that occur from pre-registration or place reservations. And before payment of registration are reduced by up to 43%.

Email Database

How to Design an Effective Lead Capture

For Berta Gálvez , Redk’s Customer Success Manager, it is key for each company to “be clear about where their organization is in order to implement the entire digitization process that will lead to an improvement in the user experience.”

In addition, This technology must incorporate digital communication channels within an omnichannel structure to meet the expectations of its users. Two-way feedback is ongoing, and technologies like marketing automation help reinforce that communication,2 he explains.

In this line, the implementation of strategic digital plans that integrate a global vision. The student in a single platform becomes important. This should also include their interactions with the different areas of the organization, the teaching staff. The administration and services staff.

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