Council and its Board of reviewers must understand the Georgia Phone Numbers List importance of taking care of aspects such as conflicts of interest, responsibility, confidentiality and honesty of their work, assuming objectivity and scientific rigor as north. Editorial management: The guarantee Georgia Phone Numbers List in the use of auditable systems (such as the Open Journal System , , etc.) is an important point so that the authors can follow the editorial process and make changes to the submissions. Scientific community : The scientific Georgia Phone Numbers List community is the reason for all publication. Authors, reviewers, readers, supporters, members of the Scientific Council, the Editorial Boards and the Editorial Board must compose a large ecosystem of experts and Georgia Phone Numbers List referents.

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on the subject so that the journal becomes a meeting Georgia Phone Numbers List point for academic debate. Emerging technologies: The strategic use of social networks and the continuous adaptation to new indicators (such as Georgia Phone Numbers List ), is necessary for the journal to be updated. Originality and progress: All manuscripts of a publication must be unpublished, original and contribute in some way to the progress of the science, discipline or area of ​​knowledge. In this sense, it is vital to have plagiarism control systems (such as Georgia Phone Numbers List , , etc.) and a board of expert reviewers in each of the topics. The author as a maxim: The author is the epicenter of all scientific publications,

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as he provides them with content and offers his studies for dissemination. In the Georgia Phone Numbers List Magazine we have prepared the following explanatory video about the editorial criteria .Scientific journals have become the first instrument and vehicle of scientific communication. Progressively the traditional book, due to its own difficulties in adapting to a digital world, has been losing weight, Georgia Phone Numbers List even in the Social, Legal and Humanistic areas. One of the reasons for the constant recognition of journals, as engines of scientific visibility, has been precisely their ability to adapt to new channels of processing and Georgia Phone Numbers List dissemination of science. Likewise, periodical scientific publications are known and

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