Apps or social networks are automated and that personalization is lost; have empathy with social movements. launch promotions and special events but to a small group. create WOW! They are small actions that make a difference. personalized physical shipments for birthdays. wedding anniversaries. if they like a certain sport or going to museums. creating tailor-made experiences that surprise them. For this you have to let your creativity fly and experiment. There are many ways to be close to the customer and make them feel taken into account. let’s make our brand a brand with a solid. recognized. reliable reputation and therefore we will have loyal consumers.

I leave you this phrase by Alejandro Soto “BRANDS are created in MINDS… PRODUCTS are made in FACTORIES… FIDELITY is created in the HEART”. And what do you do to create WOW moments? In fact. a few hours after it was released on the platform Sailor Moon Eternal has been a trend on social networks and is placed in the TOP 10 of the most watched movies on Netflix. The movie ” Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal ” was one of the most anticipated premieres on Netflix by Japanese anime fans. The production is based on the Sailor Moon manga and. although it was promoted as one movie. there are actually two. both directed by Chiaki Kon.

An Expert In The Saga

And the mastermind behind the third Greece whatsapp number list  of “Sailor Moon Crystal” . His participation was so successful that. so far. it is the season most loved by the public so far. Although it was scheduled to be released in September 2020. the first film was released in January and the second part arrived in February of this year. as everything was delayed due to the worldwide Covid-19 health crisis . “Sailor Moon Eternal” arrived on Netflix on June 3 . which represents one of the biggest events of the month for the streaming platform. In this film. the Moon Warrior will return to win back the fans of the series and. at the same time. will become one of the favorites of the younger audience.


In fact. a few hours after it was released on the platform Sailor Moon. Eternal has been a trend on social networks and is placed in the TOP 10 of the most watched movies on Netflix. A bit of history… Sailor Moon In these two films. the confrontation between Usagi Tsukino and the other Sailor Senshi against Circus Dead Moon. The villain led by the mistress Zirconia who. in turn. Is manipulated by the queen of the Dead Moon: Nehelenia. is portrayed. Using their powers and intelligence. The Sailor heroines must defeat their enemies one by one as Helios uses his strength to save Earth. Both deliveries turn out to be the continuation of the third season of “Sailor Moon Crystal”.

So This Could Be Considered

With a faithful adaptation to Naoko Tekeuchi’s manga. As we have seen in the previews and in the opinion that share the thousands of fans of these characters. Due to this. if you want to understand the whole context perfectly and not miss any detail of the movie. You will need to watch the last season of the series. Although if you are not one of those people who need all the information. You will be able to understand the plot. . As if that were not enough. one of the biggest surprises of this film for the. Latin American public is that the voices used for the dubbing appear in the film . As it happened in its respective premieres.

when it debuted among the first ten places at the box office. This film has been raised as one of the most viewed on Netflix . Hulst went on to explain how important it is that Sony doesn’t abandon the more than 110 million gamers with PS4. but also talked about how important it is to have “PS5 masterpieces.” This day Sony announced that the long-awaited sequel to 2018’s God of War was delayed to 2022. this title will be available in 2022 for PS4 PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst announced the news on the PlayStation Blog . in a Q&A where he discussed what’s coming in the immediate future for the studio.

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