It was born you photographed it in its first year on its first cake. What will these do do you put them three by three on the wall No. You keep them somewhere to be. What does this mean It means that the photograph is charged with a relationship of your own with your memory with your world with the things you love. This should remain advice and input. DL And operation of photography. PR And operation of the photo. No suddenly we forgot this thing that was us our little boy his birthday and suddenly we went to the nice tulip in the good seats and became stamp collectors. That is your obsessions must remain the basic core of your photography and thus they will also become my obsessions as the viewer.

I consider an artistic

Photograph of a landscape or a portrait I think I have seen somewhere that you also think so that no further definition is needed. That this is Raster to Vector Conversion canceled if there is an explanation of the caption. PR Of course. I don’t remember if I’ve said it but I’m saying it now. I mean DL can you elaborate a bit on this point of view PR Very simply I will tell you a phrase of a great American photographer Paul Strand in the first half of the th century that says what the portrait is. You will have heard various nonsense about what a portrait is. Strand says something that applies to all photography. It is the image of a man I do not know whose photo I will never forget. This is. I mean show me someone I don’t know them.

Raster to Vector Conversion

When did you do it how

Old is she a is my girlfriend i’m in love all that is out of the picture. If You Show Me Someone or if You Show Me. Angelina Jolie I Will Say is She Singapore Lead the Actress. The Famous One Who Had Surgery Etc.  by That Picture That I Go Home and It Stays With Me That Picture is Called a Portrait. Otherwise His Name is Giorgos Nikos Kostas. Otherwise It Has a Name. And if I Know George Nikos Kostas I’m Interested in Photography. You Know Usually People Buy Pictures That Don’t Have Faces. Because if They Take a Picture of a Face Home Someone Will Say is That Your Uncle. Who is This However if This Photo is of the Type and Level That. I Am Telling You About the Other Person Will Not Say So Easily. And if You Even Show Him Photos of the.

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