Intuitive it can be for the user. The easier and more intuitive. Therefore,  the better usability index. A website with good usability is one that allows the user to navigate through it in a simple, fast, intuitive, pleasant and safe way. Principles of web usability In order for my website to be navigated quickly, intuitively and easily, web usability is important. For this reason, a series of principles must be taken into account that good web usability must have. Availability and accessibility. Availability and accessibility are two fundamental aspects. If the user cannot access my website first hand, our website will lose all its value.

Therefore, it is very important to be aware of server activity, possible broken links and mobile responsiveness. Clarity in design . A clear and simple design will contribute to the optimization of web usability. The user will be able to Guatemala whatsapp number list more easily process the information on a web page. Do not distract the user with unnecessary content.  Therefore, Learning capacity This is where the intuitive format of web usability comes into play. The mere fact that it is a website through which you must guide yourself intuitively (since you do not know how it works), already gives you the ability to learn. Relevance The content that is uploaded to the web must be relevant to our brand.

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This is essential,when or registration process for the user. It is important to highlight the required fields and adapt the text fields to all possible responses. Adapt technologies We must take into account all users who visit my website. Not everyone is going to be the same. Therefore, so we must adapt technologies to the diversity of user needs.  Therefore, Benefits of web usability Having a good web usability can bring many benefits to our brand: A good user experience. As we have already mentioned before. Therefore, good web usability will safely guarantee that the user has a good experience on our website.

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cquire more traffic on your website. A simple and intuitive page will help the user want to enter our page. Increase the duration of user visits to your website. This will reduce the bounce rate of website visitors. Improve communication and feedback with the user. Thanks to the inclusion of interactive tools in web usability. It is a user loyalty tool . We get them to want to visit the website again. We improve the reputation of our brand. This will influence the generation of more visits to our website thanks to the recommendations of the users.  In other words, Reduce bounce rate .

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Familiarize the customer with the page thanks to easy and intuitive navigation.  Therefore, Recommendations for a more usable website Include navigation menus on our pages.  Therefore, Users do not always access our content through our home page. It is important to place menus on the different pages of our website to improve usability. Avoid the abuse of pop-ups or pop-up windows. Including many popups can be overwhelming for the user. We must distribute them consistently throughout our website.  In other words, Do not use elements that can distract the user. Avoid the use of animations or other elements that distract the user from our main objective.

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