Of fans prefer to approach a brand related to their sports preferences. which speaks to the power of sports marketing in the world. In the case of tennis. His figures speak for the sport. Rafael Nadal. generated profits during 2017 above 15 million dollars. according to data from the ATP. followed by the Swiss Roger Federer who raised 13.05 million dollars. As for the latter. close to turning 37. Federer stars in one of the greatest blows of effect that are remembered at the level of sponsorship in the sports field; superior. for example. to that given in his day by the North American Andre Agassi. Who in 2005 replaced Nike with Adidas after a 19-year business relationship. After a 20-year contractual relationship with Nike. The Swiss (36 years old) breaks with the American brand and signed.

Because Uniqlo does not manufacture it. He was already surprised a couple of days ago . When he trained with a Laver Cup shirt – an exhibition that he has been promoting since last year – and also in his first speech before journalists at the All England Tennis Club. Dressed in a shirt and jacket. . without badge. Just like that. Uniqlo snatched Federer from Nike. a very valuable sponsorship in tennis. In the midst of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Barcelona presented its second kit for the 2018-19 season in which it is once again the favorite to win the competitions in which it will participate. Especially the UEFA Champions League. A tournament it has not won since the 2014-2015 edition and that in the last three participations it has not passed the quarterfinals.

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Due to this. and as an act of cabal and Croatia whatsapp number list  on the part of the fans. The alternative uniform will be yellow. similar to the ones he used during the 2005-2006 tournaments where he raised the orejona for the second time in its history from the hand of Frank Rickjaard; as well as in the 2008-2009 campaign where he achieved the first triplet with Pep Guardiola. The reaction of the team’s followers on social networks identified with those moments. Which generated a feeling of longing for those glory days on the part of the Catalan team. Resorting to this strategy to connect with the fans is also part of the practices of sports teams. who generally resort to the cabal in order to maintain positive streaks or get out of a bad moment.


Ricardo Antonio La Volpe used a dragon tie during the 2006 World Cup in Germany; For her part. The tennis player Serena Williams bounces the ball five times before taking her first serve. New Lakers player LeBron James puts on his mouth guard before games and throws talcum powder into the air; even in playoff times he doesn’t use his social media. In such a way that for Barcelona. Returning to the moments of glory also has to do with a situation of luck. Despite the human resources it has to lift the titles. such as a sports institute. It uses these resources to improve your situation. Something that is not disliked by their sponsors. since this increases their merchandise sales. Especially at times when the team generates a positive streak.

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The participation of the Mexican team in the 2018 World Cup in Russia ended after falling two goals to nil with Brazil in the Samara Arena; With this result. the South American squad awaits the winner of the duel between Belgium and Japan. who will play their game in the afternoon. In the match. various events caught the attention of national and international fans. one of them. the outstanding participation of Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa. another main actor of the match was Neymar. who generated all kinds of reactions as the actions progressed. Data from the metrics site TweetReach indicated that the Brazilian striker’s impressions on Twitter exceeded 17 million users of the social network.

This is due in particular to the score with which he opened the scoring. As well as the plays in which his reaction to the Mexicans’ fouls generated ridicule and criticism from Internet users. Likewise. at times when Neymar starred in the well-known simulations of fouls or overacting of the same. celebrities. Brands and others reacted to the events. Even from the previous one. the player caught the attention of the media because in the match against Mexico. Neymar changed his image for the third time. this time it was a more serious appearance without the blond curls that he had. saw in the first game against Switzerland. This Monday the Mexican National Team plays its round of 16 match against Brazil. Which until now is tied without goals. But on the field of play the tricolor team has left positive sensations.

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