And at other times we saw a huge opportunity but did not measure what was required. In Ecuador. for example. we saw a very big opportunity in a business and we did it without planning because it had to be executed quickly; we made some important investments and. finally. we were not able to close it. which led us to a series of expenses”. “Many times the desire to do business. without planning. can lead one to fail and the company has great difficulties. but that taught us to measure ourselves a little more to make certain investments.” Keep in mind that errors allow you to evaluate and provide feedback on your business and processes. 5.

Approach situations with discipline The company has maintained itself over the years and has had constant growth. consolidating itself as a leader in the rotational molding market. Although not everything has been easy. perseverance and dedication have allowed them to move forward with their dreams and projects. “We have worked very judiciously. Shareholders have not constantly asked for dividends and have been well aware that the growth of the company requires reinvestment of resources. So. that discipline has allowed that. despite the mistakes. the business has remained. The solidity of the market and the recognition of the brand have meant that the risks assumed. in a certain way. can be measured”.

Measuring Yourself Is An

Always look at the competition “There are Turkey whatsapp number list respectable companies that have been growing like us. We are pioneers in the process. but there are businesses that started 8 or 10 years after us. They are large. multinational companies like Eternit or Ajover. but the competition has been quite fair; we have built an industry that has grown with struggle and effort. There are also other small companies that are taking their first steps to occupy an important space in the industry”. Remember to “look at the competition not as an enemy but as a colleague. And take advantage of a good relationship to be evaluating what is happening in the market; one can specialize in improving certain aspects that the competition has not done”.

Turkey whatsapp number list

Be clear about the differential Gustavo Adolfo and his company are clear that there are certain points in favor that make them different from their competition: Flexibility in decision making. Development of products or solutions that the client requires. Being in contact with the client and looking for innovation. Very broad guarantee on products. due to the confidence in its processes. 8. Marketing and commercialization 4-rotoplast.pngAnother fundamental issue for companies to endure is having a solid marketing strategy and excellent marketing; which can be done through different means. just as Rotoplas has achieved.

Excellent Practice Because

“Since we were born we have participated in specialized fairs; these have served us to create new products and. through them. customers have been getting to know us and telling us about their needs; We also publish in specialized media such as construction magazines and advertise in sections of our interest. with prominent notices. in telephone directories. In terms of digital. we have a very good position in Google. we manage social networks. our website. and additionally. we have a call center that allows us to advise clients and get new prospects. Voice to voice is also a determining factor”. 9. Always have an ally Being surrounded by people with knowledge.

Experience and who can contribute to your business is essential. Allies can be entities. suppliers. competition. consulting companies. media. among others. According to Gustavo. “it is important to surround yourself with people who contribute personally or to the company. allies you can trust. We are still present in the yellow pages because there is a part of the population. That still consults them and contacts us by that means. However. we give greater importance to the digital part. And year after year we review in which media we are going to advertise. In which sections. and I feel that without a doubt we have had a very good response through the publications we have made with To post”.

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