All industries can benefit from the customization of the Customer Journey, and this is the way to generate sustainable growth in companies. Probably, the 3 industries that can achieve high returns from personalization and automation in the short term would be B2C, especially sectors such as Retail, Travel or Financial Services.

Consumer demand for a more personalized relationship is a consequence of a transformation in our society. 10 years ago brands did not talk to their customers, today customers not only ask that brands listen to them but also that the conversations be of quality.

What Are the Typical Data-Related Challenges Companies Face?

Data strategies are changing in companies due to the challenges they face in 2021 and in the years to come: More limited resources to achieve mailing list aruba more ambitious goals. Silos in Customer Journeys , as a consequence of silos in customer data. Competition in personalization and prediction with other brands. Aggressive time-to-market, required by digital acceleration.

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Moreover, Changes in privacy regulation and in browsers and mobiles. This latest challenge is the most uncertain and disruptive in marketing in 2021 and 2022. The end of third-party cookies is leading advertisers. And media to redefine their strategy to leverage more on first-party data under a Privacy First framework.

The most out of your marketing initiatives?

After that, The optimization of the data supply chain allows turning the Data. Into a Service for the teams that work with data with clients. It is about orchestrating the data from its collection from multiple sources to its subsequent activation. Moreover, In real time in personalized campaigns through any channel, ensuring data quality and compliance. This data foundation allows you to streamline and scale any omnichannel marketing and customer experience improvement initiative.

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