With a very strong point PR A proper photo. DL If we had these two PR If the photo if I say a shaken photo it will be a bad photo because the shake will have messed up the photo. That is a dark photo is correct if the dark underlit if you like helps it. If the low light makes me not see well and I don’t know what I’m seeing it doesn’t help her. You know the picture describes nothing else does it describes. It does not narrate it has no narrating power. So it says a stone that. It doesn’t tell you where the stone is what it’s made of what it is Stone.

Anything that interrupts

Communication with the description is bad. So you took a shaky photo. If the shake is such as I say is this a man or a tree I lost. If the shaking is such that I say he is excited he means the photographer or the person it makes sense. If the low light T-Shirt Design Service justifies the shake it makes sense. So anything that throws me off the description is something that doesn’t serve the photo. So shaken or not right that is there is no right lighting. Correct lighting is only done by some bad TV operators they drown everything in the light to record everything. Correct lighting is the one that serves the atmosphere of the film. The cameraman the great cameraman Atsuta the Japanese who was Ozu’s cameraman all his life Wenders asks him in an interview does he say did you discuss the details.

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I wish I could hear

This from a Greek cinematographer. Such a simple thing. And Wenders says when did he tell you bravo Says once I lit too much the clinic Singapore Lead where the father is dying.  to let him die in the dark. He says did he say bravo to you No but he kept the scene the way I lit it which was the biggest compliment to me. This means proper lighting. No I took the light meter and set the lights exactly to zero. DL Very interesting. We live in the era of cheap cameras in very good quality and mobile phones with high photographic capabilities. Do you think this promotes the art of photography Is it possible that this accumulated quantity will one day degenerate into quality or is it a fad that is indifferent and perhaps

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