In that tension and all the demands that life (it seems) places on us, how blessed is it that there is someone in space who dares to make a joke. Oh, yes, how nice is that! It’s time for a concrete example, I can feel it in everything. This whole piece cries out (now!) for a concrete example. Rustagh! Example of an icebreaker I once visited a customer, a new contact. His desk was a mess, big piles of paper, books, envelopes, three cups of coffee, 2 of which still had a layer of coffee in them and exactly in that chaos there was still a place for a laptop.

The Importance of Contacting

The man looks at me, looks at the chaos and says: “Yes, I just cleaned it up as you can see. Yesterday there was also a banana peel. I just cleaned that up. Tada!” I say, “That worked out pretty well, thanks for the effort.” I’m not saying this is the Malta Phone Number of the century, but a joke like this breaks the ice. The customer continues: “I have different qualities. For example, I can hold a ball up more than 40 times.” Yes, yes: you should have been there, but still. I think it’s funny. Playful. Nice. Another example: on a website of an entrepreneur I once read: ‘This is my e-mail address, please contact me. Spontaneous calls make me nervous, so we call after the email. By appointment.

Malta Phone Number List

People With Strong Social Capital

Do you understand?’ If the rest of the website is full of strong texts where the expertise of the entrepreneur is described very strongly and I therefore fully believe that she can help me lose weight, get my finances in order, or conduct the best job interviews with new employees , then I think such a joke is gold! Earlier I wrote why you should show yourself on your website. What you love, what you think is stupid, what gets you excited and what makes you drop out, that it’s important to share that in addition to describing your services well. By sharing your personality you immediately become a human being of flesh and blood. It’s attractive because everything else is so boring. With the use of self-mockery you present yourself strikingly.

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