You have had a report made by a company Canada Phone Number and you have paid for it properly. That means you now own the photos, right? This may sound logical, but the legal reality is slightly different. Of course you can use the photos on Canada Phone Number website and in print. But because you didn’t take the photos yourself, the photographer is the ‘author’ and therefore has the copyright. The copyright therefore remains with the Canada Phone Number . This basically means that you buy a license for the use, but that you may not, for example, pass on or sell the photos.

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Let’s dive into the legal side of having a Canada Phone Number report made: what can and cannot you do with the photos that a company photographer delivers to you? These are the points you should pay attention to. The photographer holds the Canada Phone Number Copyright applies to almost all creative products . Think of texts, music, graphic design, videos and also photos. The condition is that the work is original. For example, there is no Canada Phone Number on common expressions, even if you put them on paper. The photographer does not need to register or apply for copyright.

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He gets that automatically and even keeps it Canada Phone Number 70 years after his death. Copyright is also known as copyright . copyright business photographer Copyright means that it is up to the author to determine how his work is made public Canada Phone Number possibly multiplied. The author also has the right to prohibit this to others. Do others (in this case you as the client) want to use the work? Then the author can give permission for Canada Phone Number with a license. This is also what you get from the company photographer: a license to use the image material from your company report. What’s in the license

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