Money savings and more sales. Present in 45 countries around the world and founded in 2006. this platform also has a help and support program for advertisers. go to OLX 4. Locanto free ad posting sites Although it also has premium advertising options. like the sites above. its emphasis is certainly on promoting free advertising. Your free ad can include photos and HTML code editing to personalize the piece. However. it will only be visible for 90 days. The categories it offers are a bit more limited since there are only six general ones. in addition to real estate. vehicles. work and services. Go to Locanto 5. Blido free ad posting sites An interesting alternative if the plan is to limit yourself to only advertising free ads.

Unlike the previous sites that offer to pay additional fees in exchange for improving or highlighting the pieces. Because all the ads here are free. they are arranged in chronological order from newest to oldest and have the same layout and look. Its disadvantage is that it does not allow you to add images or hyperlinks. so the ad will be entirely in text. It has a wide section of buying and selling. as well as services. Go to Blidoo Tips to achieve an amazing free ad If you have already chosen where you want to advertise. follow these simple tips so that your ad does not get lost in the crowd and stands out from other similar ones: 1.

This Peruvian Startup

Look at your competitors It never Pakistan whatsapp number list to do a quick search to find out what type of ad businesses similar to yours have. What do they say. how do they say it. what do they promise. what kind of images do they include (if any). what kind of communication channel do they offer the user (phone. website. email. address. etc.) 2. How can I improve what is already there? Now that you have a clear picture of what your competitors are doing on these specialized ad sites. it’s time to establish how you can improve or complement what a user would find at first glance. This step is extremely important. especially in highly competitive sectors such as restaurants or clothing and accessory brands.

Pakistan whatsapp number list

It is important to have a differentiating factor so as not to be just one of the crowd. 3. The text says it all In this type of ads. the text is essential. The title and the description are the hook that will make the difference between an interested client and one that passes by. so you have to think carefully before writing anything. The key is in the selection of words: the ideal is to say as much as possible with the fewest words possible. That is why you have to be clear. direct and brief. reviewing several times to remove what is not necessary. It usually works to add keywords like “cheap”.

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The right image can work wonders Although not all ads can add images. We must make the most of those that allow us to do so. One option is to include the company logo to generate positioning in the user’s mind. But it is not bad to put a photo of the product or service that is offered. Depending on the number of images that we can upload. The important thing is to make the selection giving priority to the best we have. Where are you driving users? It is important to review the contact information that we are giving. Since many clients get lost in the process of communicating with the business. Whether it is because we are directing them to an outdated website. or because the telephone service is not efficient.

This aspect is essential to ensure that interested users become buyers. For example. when it comes to emails. a response protocol must be established. To prevent messages from being lost and to be able to give an adequate response to each one of them.  How is your website? Carrying out a digital advertising campaign. with or without free ads. necessarily requires having a complete and effective website. Remember that your website will be the center of your strategy. So you must pay the necessary attention to it: update its design and content periodically. Include prominent calls to action. or review how products are displayed. Are just some of the many tasks that must be done.

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