This is not an alphabet soup! They are the acronyms Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List of some of the best known indexes of scientific production. Both researchers and journals are classified Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List by their level of productivity and impact on the scientific community, usually measured by citations generated in other publications. alphabet Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List recent years, the H index, proposed by Jorge Hirsch, of the University of California, in 2005, has gained a lot of strength. Its fame has been due to the fact that Google (also other large Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List databases such as Scopus, WoS) has integrated into its flagship product for the University:

Having a List Building Blueprint

Google Scholar. H, as a bibliometric index, aims to Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List simultaneously measure the quality (depending on the number of citations received) and the quantity of the scientific production of a researcher or a journal, always applied to that database (the index of a researcher in Google Scholar is Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List not the same as in Scopus). This index is very useful to detect outstanding researchers in an area of ​​knowledge, because it crosses and assesses the number of publications by the author and the citations obtained by those most significant publications, indicating their level of progression throughout an Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List academic life. It is calculated by ordering the publications of a researcher by

Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List

the number of citations received in descending order and then numbering and identifying the point at which the order number coincides with the number of Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List citations received by a publication. Thus, an H = 5 Index would be when there are 5 publications that have received at least 5 citations each. The H5 is configured by taking only the last 5 years of the life of a researcher or Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List a journal, in order to have a period that allows comparing research careers, eliminating the accumulated factor (a senior and a junior with 5 years of academic life would be comparable much better with H5 than with absolute H) Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List because only posts and their citations from the last 5 years would be

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