The gaming community from being hidden to becoming a giant speaker on social media. And streaming platforms. The establishment of Twitch , where the Spanish community has broken historical records. The jump of the most influential gamers, such as Ibai Llanos. To all kinds of media have led to an extraordinary climate for a sector that. Until recently, lived outside the media schedule.

With an increasing presence in digital environments. Hotwire has decided to analyze the video game environment in Spain in the second edition of its ‘Hotwire Brand Monitor’. For the study, the company has analyzed from more than 1.2 million mentions. 202 profiles of influencers on Twitter, forums, blogs, online media and comments elsewhere, in a period from November 16 to January 31 .

As Can Be Deduce from The Analysis Carry Out

59% of the profiles that comment on video games on social networks are dedicated to the field of creative arts, highlighting professionals such as Brunei B2B list graphic design or illustration. On the other hand, the most active day in social networks is Friday , and the least, Sunday. The star moment is on Fridays from 12 to 13 noon.

Email Database

The expansion of the gaming community has led to many brands outside of the video game industry elbowing each other for endorsements and sponsorships. The most mentioned have been five: Amazon , with 18,643 mentions; FNAC , with 3,340; LaLiga , with 2,408, PcComponentes , with 2,122, and Apple , with 1,182.

The Most Named Brands and Video Games by The Gamer Community

FIFA 21 , with 81,155 mentions, followed by Animal Crossing: New Horizons , which has garnered 58,222. The top 5 is complete by Valorant and Rust , with 50,801 and 45,157, respectively.

Other very common topics among the gamer community. Those related to the launches of the new generations of game consoles. In this case, the Playstation 5 is the clear winner, with 561,131 mentions, while Xbox Series X. Series S have remained at 95,406.

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