Commercial search portal in Latin America. it will reach an audience focused on acquiring a product or service where people have the security of finding what they are looking for and will reach more than 20 million potential buyers. Here we bring you a step by step so that your company’s advertisement does not go unnoticed and you get the best results from your investment: 1. Define the right segmentation The first thing you should keep in mind is that in the yellow pages portal there are potential buyers for a huge number of segments (there are more than 7 thousand categories). What should your company focus on? If. for example. we have a business specializing in home delivery of flowers.

There are many opportunities to highlight that service. Thinking in multiple categories will drive us to achieve a greater reach within the portal. for this we must have a strategic vision that questions us about those searches that a person interested in buying will carry out. For example. a user who enters the portal browsing about parties and events may be interested in our product. but someone who is looking for breakfast deliveries. restaurants. decorations for events. etc.. may also become a potential customer. Include a slogan of 40 characters In this part you will have the opportunity to differentiate yourself from other advertisers with a short and impressive message.

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So you must ask yourself: what and Paraguay whatsapp number list to write it to attract the attention of my audience? The name of your business will be present with many others that are related to the sector. so if we have in this space we limit ourselves to include a company name such as Tires SAS. do you think they will feel motivated to click on the others? Before writing. I advise you to take a look at the ads of your competitors and review the top 10 (whether you know them or not) and ask yourself questions such as: are they well written? Do they have a good image? Is the text different? or is it more of the same? With this input. start writing knowing that the most important thing is to stand out with what differentiates you from the other ads that appear there.

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Example slogan.png To guide you. you can read this article Anatomy of a perfect slogan . There you will find the keys to discount your audience. 3. Generate effective contacts There are two essential things for digital users who have a business need and generate internet searches: immediacy and availability. For that we must ensure that we have a variety of contact options. If we include the phone numbers of our business. make sure you have enough resources to handle the calls that come through this means. Similarly. if you include a link to your website. think about what your users are looking for when they get there: do you have a clear portfolio of services?

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Is your differential defined? Is there a contact form that we are constantly monitoring? It is not just about including the largest number of contact options. But defining which are the most effective for what our potential customers need. I know this free book will help you: How to improve the conversion of my website 4. Ensure you have a full digital presence. You must focus on being a company that not only offers solutions. But also has a solid presence and a track record that ensures the experience and quality of your service. How many of you have lost confidence in a business that has no social media presence? Or who has discarded it because they realize that it has not had. A single update for more than six months?

Is useless to include links to our social networks if you are not managing them correctly. Make constant updates. respond to user comments. Generate valuable content that motivates interactions between our company and the public you are targeting. 5. Go beyond the local With the advertisements of. you will have the opportunity to reach different cities in the country. If you have a presence in different areas. it is important to add it to your ad. For this. rely on the tools: available cities. telephone numbers. contact forms. location maps. among others.

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