The interview was conducted after the defeat with France that ended Belgium’s dream. It was one of the candidate countries to win the World Cup due to its good production throughout the group stage and the decisive round of 16 matches and especially the quarterfinals. when it eliminated Brazil. “But they ran into devastating France and couldn’t reach the World Cup final. His consolation prize will be to reach third place. when he faces the loser of the other semi-final match between Croatia and England.” TN published . The team captain analyzed the game and criticized France’s approach. “I’d rather lose with this Belgium than win with that France.” said the Chelsea player. For the interview. They filmed him and took the audio from the dressing room of the St.

Petersburg stadium. where the game was played. But his image was seen from the channel’s studio. as if the striker were present before the drivers of the cycle. The key to the Le Une channel lies in the treatment that the image receives and the lighting factor. which makes it appear three-dimensional by having several planes at the same time. Beyond the cinema. It has been seen in some TV cycles. Almost never in live programs. In Argentina . during the 2017 electoral campaign. The candidates used all kinds of strategies. One was the use of holograms to participate in several closing acts at the same time. Like in this example by Florencio Randazzo . Juventus took the top scorer in Real Madrid’s history for just over 100 million euros: Cristiano Ronaldo .

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The soccer (and marketing) star of Portuguese Bolivia whatsapp number list  will have his fourth challenge in a new team in Italy’s Serie A. After having played for Sporting Lisbon. Manchester United and the Merengue club. with which he came to win four Champions Leagues. Sports newspapers around the world reflect this transfer on their front pages. In some cases even more prominently than France’s 1-0 win over Belgium at Russia 2018. A result that took Les Blues to the FIFA Cup final. The Madrid newspaper Marca published a cover in which it literally graphs the 451 goals that Ronaldo scored during his time at the club in the Spanish capital. He drew the 451 balls with the emblem of each club he converted to. That cover has been highly valued on social networks .


We know that the market moves quickly. So the figures surrounding the most valuable soccer players in the world are constantly updated . The most recent figures were presented in a study carried out by the CIES Football Observatory in which impressive figures on defenders were released. Since although some expected Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi to lead the list. this is not the case. Sports experts know that among the determining elements in the value of a soccer player are performance and age. which determines whether the player will work for a club in two or three years or what is estimated to be left. Hence that could be the reason why Neymar does appear among the first three steps and CR7 does not. at 33 years of age. However. after the World Cup ended for many of these cracks. Came that boost their brand value.

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Such is the case of Cristiano Ronaldo and his arrival at Juventus . And although he is not on the list of the most valuable. The World Cup was also a determining platform for the Mexican Miguel Layún . He will arrive in a team where other players have played. Such as Giovani and Jonathan dos Santos. Javier Aquino and Antonio de Nigris . In addition to the naturalized Mexican Argentine. Guillermo Franco . Villarreal will be the next team for Mexican Miguel Layun . Who will continue in Spanish football after his half – year loan in Seville last season from Porto . After his participation in the World Cup . the Veracruz native had to return to Portugal to concentrate with the Dragons . as Sevilla had completed his six-month loan.

Precisely because of his plurality on the pitch. Although the official announcement has not been made. according to information from the Iberian media. the transfer of who has already passed the medical examinations. was around 4 million euros for the following three seasons. The official announcement will be made in the next few hours. This is how the World Cup moves the market not only for large companies and their promotions. but also for the personal brands of the players. The 2018 Russia World Cup will be the biggest and most watched soccer tournament in the world . Preparing for this sporting event requires an extremely important concentration. since it is not only played on the field of play.

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