Are included, the lead is not included. However, this will be mandatory in our structure. The lead is a 3-5 line summary of the highlights of our press release. The intro will serve to slightly expand the headline. Of course, we must not forget to use a direct, clear and precise style so as not to lose the attention of our recipient. The intro is also usually in bold and with a letter a little larger than the body of the news but smaller than the headline. It is recommended to include keywords to improve the positioning in search engines. Place and date :

In many cases, the place and date on which our press release is issued are already indicated in the intro, but if this is not the case, it is convenient to do so before starting the body of the press release. Right after the intro, the date and place El salvador whatsapp number list are aligned to the left. For example: “Madrid, June 17, 2021”. The place is not the city where we are, but the city where the headquarters of our company is located. In other words, if we work with a communication agency in Barcelona but our company is in Toledo, we will be able to Toledo. Regarding the date, we must put the date of shipment.

This Will Help the Media to Prioritize

the information and know when they can publish it. Body: Develop what is in the headline. If it is a short press release, it should be between 300 and 500 words: about three or four paragraphs of four or five lines each. The body of text must follow the journalistic scheme of the inverted pyramid. That is, say the most relevant information at the beginning and the least at the end. In addition to displaying the information in order of importance, it is important that it answers the 7 key questions:

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what, who, when, how, where, why and what for. In the body we will continue using a direct and clear style where short phrases prevail. It is advisable to include a quote from someone in charge of the company whenever he can add value to the content. The normal thing is that the body of the note is written in a letter that is in 11 or 12 points and highlight some words in bold, without going overboard, in order to capture the attention of the medium at first glance. Note to the editor:

Right After Writing the Body

of our press release we will leave a space to include the note to the editor section also called “About…”. Following this we will leave our data, what we are and what we do. In this way the medium will be able to locate us. This information must be brief, also in a direct style and we must put it with a letter a little smaller than the body (10 points). In addition, we must include the full URL of our brand’s corporate website. Contact information: It is the last section in the structure of our press release. Here we will put the contact information that we want the media to use to get in touch with our brand. You must simply provide the following information:

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