The e-commerce universe does not stop evolving and undergoing new techniques that improve the consumer experience. It is a field with a high potential that has begun to be promoted as a result of the pandemic.

One of them has been Rakuten, which has partnered with Telefónica to launch the Living App. It is a new digital experience that fuses online entertainment with face-to-face entertainment. Through the streaming content brand, Movistar+ offers this service to Movistar Fusión users , who will be able to easily discover the schedule of live events and other entertainment activities in various cities, including Madrid, Malaga or Barcelona.

What Exactly Is New About the Living App?

To find out more about the services offered by this new television application, MarketingDirecto has contacted Cédric Dufour, Managing Director of Rakuten Europe , who explains the novelties in detail and the advantages that indonesia phone number users can enjoy. users who have a subscription to this channel.

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Through the Rakuten Living App, Movistar Fusión users can see and book the most important events in their city. The offer is both national and international, offering events. Experiences in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​London, Paris, Rome and many others. Thanks to the Rakuten Living App, users can make their reservations comfortably from the television and also get 3% cashback in points to use within the Rakuten ecosystem.

Users Have with The Living App?

With this innovative project, we approach and offer customers the new digital marketing trend: SchhoppableTV. Shop on TV is a new, seamless shopping experience that offers viewers the opportunity to purchase products, via QR codes, during specific moments on TV shows. Movistar Fusión users can access a wide range of events from the comfort of their sofa. The advantage of this new digital experience is the connection of online entertainment with live events and experiences.

In addition, Users get at least 3% cashback in points for each purchase. These points accumulate in your Rakuten account. Then you can redeem them within the Rakuten ecosystem, gift cards on Rakuten. Movies on Rakuten TV, ebooks on Kobo, messaging on Viber or Fan Tokens from Socios.

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