“The staff you work with is a fundamental factor. that people are happy working in the company. that they feel valued and appreciated”. Good treatment for your employees will make them your best business allies. 10. Never settle It is important to always be aware of the market and assess whether your products or services are still current. Gustavo tells us that there is great potential in other types of products and that there is much to be done in Latin America. for example. in environmental issues. 5-rotoplast.png “In other countries. products with a lot of added value and technology are manufactured; then as the country develops. we will have to create new products”.

Finally. this successful manager makes his final recommendations: “You have to persist. because there are always going to be difficulties and barriers. but the fact of being optimistic makes calm come and you have the enthusiasm to move forward. On the other hand. you have to know which are the distributors that are going to bring you closer to the market you want to reach. choose them carefully and retain them with a good service. a special treatment”. Due to the competition in the different business niches and the possibility that others offer similar products or services. it is necessary to have an excellent customer loyalty strategy.

That Are Not Generating Profits

For this reason. you must be up to date Uae whatsapp number list the latest trends in this regard and implement those that are most in line with your goals and type of audience. These are some of them: 1. Chatbots chat-bots.pngAs technology advances. so does the way you communicate with your target market. and one of the main tools to do so is chatbots. A bot is an artificial intelligence software that performs tasks autonomously. while the chatbot is the same robot but generating conversations; It is used in specific service issues: to receive orders or answer questions about products. services. hours. service points. etc..

Uae whatsapp number list

According to the type of programming it has. These are generally implemented in messaging applications and facilitate. Interaction between customers and the brand at the right time. Without intermediaries and allowing time savings and optimization. In addition. it is worth bearing in mind that users of messaging applications are increasing day by day. a very important potential market. The idea is to be available when buyers need you. not just when you need to communicate with them. 2. Sincere and cordial communication Today’s consumer is not easy to convince.

Negative Feedback Is Interesting

Lives very well informed and clearly knows what he wants. For this reason. your company’s communication must be focused on cordiality and sincerity. Buyers appreciate that you. from the beginning. tell them the truth. Showing not only the benefits. but also the real costs and additional expense have to incur. The same happens with images. Videos and all kinds of formats through which you communicate. As these must match the reality of your products or services (sizes. references. prices. colors. etc.). In such a way that the client do not take surprises. Transparent communication generates trust and trust. fidelity.

Useful content One of the aspects that makes. The difference with respect to the competition and that will allow you to build loyalty is to generate valuable content. You can do it through different formats. a blog . applications. etc.. Where you show that you are an expert in the field. providing value. knowledge. advice and recommendations. That content will be the plus for them to decide to be on your side. 4. Agility in processes customer who has to wait long hours on the phone line. Make different types of queues to be answered on a specific issue and. Travel for a long time to get their products. is someone who clearly. In the future. will no longer be able to call “his client”.

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