A chapel or photographs a nude or photographs a landscape he will photograph it in a certain way. And this is also the great advice of Pasolini that he had said and I have this moto epigrammatic epigram… DL. we also got your moto PR  if you wake up one morning and this whole world seems natural to you you’ve painted it you’re done. Everything must be magical sacred. Sacred not necessarily in the religious sense. Well obviously my ideology as you said or my childhood or my temperament or the anger I have in me or the love I have at the time will affect everything. That is if you are in love and this has filled your day and you photograph the sea you will photograph it somehow. If you have just buried your father you will photograph her somehow. You don’t need to photograph a coffin. Therefore this somewhat if it is charged by your personality I who am the judge as you said I hope I will perceive it.

I will perceive

The truth I will not perceive I will not say he is religious I will not say he is in love. And you mustn’t let me see it. You will let me see the tension Banner Design you have and the tension will create a photo that will touch me. Very hard. But that’s what we’re going for. This is our goal. DL Can a commemorative photograph have artistic value PR Of course. DL And in this regard do we exclude nostalgia from the factors that charge a photograph with intensity with the desired intensity PR Nostalgia as a word scares me. There is something melodramatic about it. Memory is most important to me. And nostalgia is never an autonomous thing. It is a tangled thing where these happy and unhappy moments are mixed up within us. Memory the past death is what makes it all come to the surface.

Banner Design

I believe that every photo

Should be memorable in some way. That is souvenir means yours. To be part of your own memory. Great photographers have amazingly Singapore Lead photographed their own people something extremely difficult. Why Because you know them.  and this is an obstacle in your attempt to judge things from the outside. So the most beautiful photo of Strand is a portrait of his first wife which shocks me. I later learned that she is his first wife. He already broke up with her it’s not like he stayed forever. He did not manage to photograph his second wife well. So the point is to naturally photograph the moments of your life not to stop photographing and every now and then a photo comes out that is important to me as I am not a member of your family. And then I won’t have to ask you if this woman is your wife. Whereas if the photo is indifferent it will be needed.

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