in which there are plenty of examples of propaganda practices in favor of brands). Malaysia Phone Number List Possibility of following the previous work of the authors and identifying “ salami-slicing ” (unethical practice of dividing Malaysia Phone Number List investigations into phases to publish partial results). Better ability to detect self-plagiarism. Double-blind peer review Undoubtedly, this Malaysia Phone Number List modality is the most frequent option in Social Sciences journals, such as the Journal . As explained, the double blind pair system is based on the fact that the authors do not know the identity of the reviewers, nor do they know the authors. This system is mainly based on Malaysia Phone Number List anonymity as the key to ethical review practices. However, critics of this modality explain that at present,

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with open repositories, academic and scientific social networks, Malaysia Phone Number List Google Scholar, among others, an anonymity of the authors can never be guaranteed. Furthermore, according to a 2008 study by the Publishing Research Consortium , also cited by Professor Lluis Malaysia Phone Number List , of those consulted were in favor of the double-blind system, while 25% were in favor of the single-blind, which leaves It is evident that it is a system that the authors prefer, although it is not the only type of peer review that exists or that has demonstrated its efficiency – see examples such as Nature’s. Tweet Share Pinterest Tumblr Malaysia Phone Number List Reddit Viber Messenger Print Email Post navigation Previous article Post navigation Next article C

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A debate that has been diluted in recent years is the controversy Malaysia Phone Number List around the privileged or exclusive channel for the dissemination of scientific research. Until not more than two decades ago, online or virtual journals were discredited and many national scientific evaluation agencies did not value the contributions in these channels, or considered them second-level, from Malaysia Phone Number List an inexplicable reasoning that these media were of inferior rank compared to the printed edition that had remained unchanged from the very birth Malaysia Phone Number List of the conception of scientific journals and even more, in the Malaysia Phone Number List very

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