Of course, the trends that are going to come along with the creation of the various metaverses cannot be missed. Next, we review those five trends provided by Wunderman Thompson from the hand of Óscar Peña.

Control changes hands. Consumers become heroes of their own stories and creators of their worlds. The gaming experience, that is, building, exploring and playing, goes to a new stage. Even attending events, like going to a concert, becomes an experience of exploration and interaction. Peña has given the example of the concerts of Travis Scott and Ariana Grande in Fortnite.

No Borders Between the Real and The Virtual

There are no longer any barriers to the perception of a virtual environment . “Welcome to the era of metaspaces and metahumans,” says Peña. At this netherlands phone number point, it is worth mentioning virtual influencers, such as Ayayi, or APIs to create avatars such as Ready Player Me.

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The era of virtual goods , such as NFTs. A survey by Wunderman Thompson has shown that people would be willing to pay $76,000 for a digital home, $9,000 for an original piece of art, or more than $3,000 for a digital handbag.

Mirror Worlds and Ar

Once the physical world we live in has been mapped, augmented reality is a kind of amplified layer of the real world. The opportunities for brands in this regard are endless.
Data enriched to the ‘n’ power. Data collection will be the cornerstone of the metaverse’s own evolution . Glasses, exoskeletons, bracelets, rings or slippers; the amount of data generated by real-time tracking mechanisms is overwhelming.

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