of the manuscript in Sudan Email List .A historical transformation is taking place in the sphere of scientific research. The drive for open science, linked to the advancement of ICT, and the Sudan Email List large increase in the volume of data are invariant elements for planning, executing and communicating research results. Research data management emerges as a new element of scientific communication Sudan Email List that affects researchers, publication instances, indexing and science evaluation. In this environment, the analysis of large volumes of data ( bigdata ) and its value is greater than ever before and continues to increase. In particular, in Sudan Email List scientific research, there are different types of data, classified according

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to the methodology applied to obtain them. Among the main types are Sudan Email List observational ones, which correspond to historical records (they can only be obtained at a single time and place); the experimental data, that is, those that are generated with the application of different types of experiments; there is also the computational data, which can include input data or application Sudan Email List activity logs; likewise, as well as simulation data, generated from test models. These data sets or datasets are published more and more frequently in data repositories designed for this purpose in order to be accessed and in Sudan Email List turn cited. Although this practice is not yet widespread, it is an international need for public funding agencies, universities, foundations, periodicals, etc.,

Sudan Email List

to offer these storage services and require researchers to publish them. Above all, insist that researchers, together with their published electronic documents, provide links to their Sudan Email List datasets . In the same way, make researchers see the value of the data and its potential for the recognition of their work, both in their professional circles, and due to the increase in the number of citations that its consultation and reuse can generate. Given the importance that the publication of data has Sudan Email List gained, the main publishers such as Elsevier, Springer, etc., as well as institutions and universities, have created this new service, with organizational levels by subject, descriptors and metadata that allow indexing and efficient Sudan Email List search. Just to mention some of the most popular are: Harvard Dataverse,

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