With the focus on leadership within the digital business, IFEMA MADRID is launching a new strategy and brand image that it unveiled this Tuesday at an event at the IFEMA Palacio Municipal headquarters.

The organization is in the midst of transforming its business model, moving towards a more digital, inspiring, flexible and intelligent product . All this with the aim of making Madrid the international leader in the sector of fairs, congresses and meetings.

Ifema Madrid Begins a New Era

That responds to the demands of the digital market with the development of its own platforms that will constitute its competitive advantage. In addition, it will expand Chile B2B list business opportunities 365 days a year and break the physical limitation.

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“Today no one questions the potential of digital and hybrid events. Which are giving way to smarter, more competitive and profitable events. They have come to satisfy a society that is changing, which for IFEMA MADRID represents a double challenge. To revolutionize its business model and lead not only in Spain but also in international markets “. Explains Jose Vicente de los Mozos, Chairman of the Committee Executive of IFEMA MADRID.

Ifema Madrid Brand Presentation

A digital commitment that expects to translate into 40 million euros a year
With this transformation, the goal in 3 years is for 30% of IFEMA MADRID’s income to come from the digital environment. And for its global audiences to skyrocket by 150% to manage professional communities that together exceed 25 people. This growth could reach, in terms of billing, an annual contribution of approximately 40 million euros.

Currently, IFEMA plans a program in 2021 that includes 16 100% digital rooms . In addition, the more than 50 face-to-face salons this year will become hybrids.

In this strategy, the institution’s focus on the creation of innovative projects worldwide in segments. Such as sustainability or the medical field also stands out. Which it will present officially soon. To this is added its objective of leading not only in Spain but also in international markets, and especially in Latin America.

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