Or would like to identify your optimization level, take note of the following free tools to check it out: pingdomtools . It is ideal for testing the speed of your website and learning how to optimize it so that it loads faster. Measure uptime, monitoring, and user experience on a single platform. Webpagetest . When you access it, you can do a simple or advanced search, enter the domain and get results about your web speed. Gtmetrix . When you run a quick scan, the tool uses the canada location by default. However, you can sign up for free to do more precise searches and change your location.

Measure . It is very effective to know the performance of your website over time, as well as to obtain tips and advice for improvement. Pagespeeds insights . It is google’s free tool, with which you can obtain a rating of your page on a scale of 0 to 100. Even China whatsapp number list if you think your website works correctly, there is always something to improve. And the best way to do it is through web performance optimization (wpo) techniques. How to optimize the loading speed?

5 Tips If You Decide

to use any of these tools and apply optimization techniques, it is important to measure the performance of the page before and after the changes. It is the only way to know if the applied techniques are working or not. Imagine how vital the speed of your website is to the user experience that even google included it as one of its ranking factors. Now that you know the importance of loading times on a page, stick with these recommendations: upgrade mobile version more and more users are using their mobile phones to search the internet.

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Therefore, the more optimized the mobile version of your site is, the more chances you have to be rewarded by google. Compress your images those that are very large are one of the main causes of slow loading. Some recommend files less than 200 kb and some suggest less than 70 kb. In any case, less is more and you should take care of the quality of your images. Tools like photoshop will help you compress your files without losing quality. Get rid of render-blocking elements pages are sometimes coded to load less important elements, such as a banner.

Ideally, You Should Prioritize

the code so that the main content is the first thing that appears on the page. Avoid redirects do you remember those times when you click on a link and are directed to one or more pages before reaching the desired website? Well, it affects the experience of your users and the web speed of your page. Reduce your html, css and javascript code many of these terms may sound chinese to you, but they are vital in building your page. If they contain a lot of extra and redundant code, they can affect loading speed. Professional developers recommend minimizing it.

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