The user leaves again without clicking on any post or accessing any external link.  The bounce rate will begin to be created. Every time a user does this with our website.  The bounce rate will increaseand. It will be then when Google begins to lower the link.  Of our blog when someone searches for a term.  Thus worsening our SEO positioning. In addition, this will be a bad repercussion for our website since. According to many studies, 75% of people click only on the first.  Three results that appear in Google and only 15% go on to look at the second page of results.

Therefore, the lower we appear in Google, the less visibility we will give to our company and the more difficult it will be for us to obtain Denmark whatsapp number list benefits. Therefore, it is important that our bounce rate is not bad, however, sometimes it will not depend on us. As Duane Forrester , an SEO expert, said: “Even though you may have put all your effort and love into creating the content of a web page, the quality of it can only be determined by the eye of the visitor.” And the phrase could not be more accurate since.

How You Position Yourself in Google

will be determined by the time that users spend on your website. I imagine at this point you’re wondering, “But can I do something to ‘fix’ my bounce rate?” Although this will depend on the consumer and not on your brand, there are some tools that can help us improve it. How to improve bounce rate The first thing to mention once we’ve gotten this far is that there is no proper bounce rate. That is, depending on whether it is a blog, an exclusively commercial web page or an online newspaper (for example), the bounce rate will be different and it does not mean that it is better or worse.

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Depending on what the users who visit us require, our bounce rate will vary. To find out what our bounce rate is and therefore, if we should improve it or not, we must enter Google Analytics and check the bounce rate of both our website and the subpages that make it up, if we had them. Once we have consulted it, we are going to mention a series of tools that can help us correct our bounce rate in the event that it is necessary to do so: Determine time limit to cancel the “bounce effect.

This Option Consists of Determining

that, in order to be considered a visit to our web page. The user must spend, for example. 30 seconds on it. In this way we will ensure that.  Even if the user only spends a minute on our website without consulting anything further.  The time spent on it counts as a visit and that.  If he leaves after 40 seconds of being on it. It is not as a bounce. Set a time limit and a “scroll” event to unbounce: This means that when the user spends more than, for example, 15 seconds on our web page and “scrolls” it (slides by the screen) is considered a visit to our website even if you do not visit any other resources on our website afterwards.

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