The available budget. goals and deadlines must be made clear during the brief . This not only greatly facilitates the team’s tasks in the medium term. It also helps to give a more professional impression to the client. Obviously. there are many more elements that are involved in designing a brief. Not only that. but even in these key elements. there are some details that agencies must fine-tune in order to give a good presentation. Fortunately. many of these elements will be covered during the webinar How to write a good brief? If you are interested in this course. taught by the CEO of Levadura Agencia. Ana González Ortiz. do not forget to visit the official website: Here are the facts that marketers.

Advertising and media specialists must master before starting this Monday: Airbus The aeronautics industry is not going through its best moment after millions of people are still reluctant to travel as frequently as before the COVID-19 pandemic. which has significantly impacted the industry. according to IATA. the loss globally it could amount to 84 thousand 300 million dollars. However. companies like Airbus do not stop their innovation projects. an example of this is that the French manufacturer has just acquired an aircraft to become its flight test bench. this as part of Project Wayfinder. its project to develop the autonomous flights in urban air taxis and commercial aircraft; Airbus has already performed successful driving. takeoff and landing bonuses on its own without pilot intervention.

For Smaller Businesses

McCann The global network of advertising agencies Kazakhstan whatsapp number list part of the Interpublic Group. was name by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) of Mexico as Agency of the Year 2020. also obtaining the “Best in Show” award. Luis Machorro. responsible for McCann Mexico. expressed that “satisfactions of this type have a special flavor. This leaves evidence of hunger to continue growing in complex scenarios. We are please with the success achieve by Chevrolet because it is an example of our digital capacity to make brands meaningful in people’s lives.” TikTok The soap opera around the social network of short videos that has generate euphoria not only among users of Generation Z and millennials. but also much older ones. does not stop presenting new chapters.

Kazakhstan whatsapp number list

After it was reveal at the close of last week that investment firm Centricus and platform for entertainment industry creatives Triller had announce they were seeking to buy TikTok by offering $20 billion. a new hurdle arose over the weekend. According to a report by Bloomberg. ByteDance Ltd. must request the approval of the Chinese government to sell the US operations of its TikTok application. something that does not seem easy. Toyota The development of flying ‘cars’ seems to be getting closer to its consolidation. After we have seen tests and models from companies such as Kitty Hawk. Uber. Airbus. and Ehang. among others. Toyota shows that it seeks to be a leader in this field of innovation.

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The Japanese company develops its own model in conjunction with SkyDrive. Which in recent days carried out a public test flight with a crew. Ubisoft The French video game developer and distributor said it will remove the image of the raised black fist that appears in its title Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad due to criticism that the symbol evoking Black Lives Matter featured the game’s villainous organization. In that sense. Ubisoft issued an apology to fans for the images “insensitive and harmful both in its inclusion and in the way it was represent”. In addition to this. the French firm promise that the images would be remove in the next update of the game.

That effort was call Souvenirs de Paris and in this week’s feature campaign we’ll share the details. According to the entities involved. the emergence of this campaign occurs in a context. In which tourists have greatly increased the abandonment of tour. Operators and have standardized tours in favor of planned activities. Which they define from home. Before the trip. using platforms like Google. Blogs and opinion sites like Trip Advisor or similar. Although this is certainly an opportunity.  The launch of several projects in already very saturated land. And in several countries at the same time. that is.

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