163 When we receive an editorial report where one of the editors of the journal, Belarus Email List the person in charge for that manuscript, we are in a phase in which the decision is reported (based on the reports of the reviewers) that until now has been has assigned to our manuscript. First of all, we will have to distinguish if our article is accepted with a request for minor (or major) Belarus Email List changes or if, on the contrary, it has been rejected. In the latter case, we recommend not answering, but taking into account all the indications that we consider could enrich our work and improve it before sending it to a new journal. The report will reach the person in charge of correspondence, through which the entire flow of Belarus Email List communications with authors is centralized. Obviously, the answer is a task that must be carried out by all the co-authors,

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each one being responsible for the part of their contribution in the manuscript, Belarus Email List since the final version before sending must be reviewed by all those involved. This editorial synthesis report should be taken as an indication that our manuscript is on the right track. It is very Belarus Email List important to give you a correct answer, since the publication of our work is at stake. It is necessary to carry out a detailed study of the report among all the co-authors. The person in charge of correspondence must send the editorial indications to all and, in a collaborative way, The report must be answered to all that are required Belarus Email List of us, which does not mean that we have to accept all the requests that are requested of us.

Belarus Email List

You only have to accept what is considered pertinent and, in case of not accepting Belarus Email List requests, justify them in a reasoned way in a list of changes why such changes are not undertaken. In fact, when the changes you request do not alter the research and are relatively easy to Belarus Email List do, it is preferable to apply them. It costs less work to change than to enter into a discussion that, in the end, will be sterile and can lead to a predisposition, on the part of the reviewers, to reject the article. Regarding the answer, Belarus Email List indicate that you have to be very organized and create, for example, a table with two columns putting in the cells of the first all the indications or requests for change from the reviewers,

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