The concept of geek was once associated with a very specific group of people who were fans of comics, video games and other remote areas, socially speaking. However, over the years this entire universe has expanded to reach a good part of the population.

For this reason, every May 25th, Geek Pride Day is celebrated , a date chosen for the premiere of the first Star Wars movie . Although this day was dedicated to people who are fans of science fiction, fantasy or comics, in recent years themes related to video games have also been included. This has been due, above all, to the increased consumption of this type of entertainment.

Under Normal Conditions

The celebrations of this day have been parades with people in costume and fairs with gatherings. However, these last two years it has not been Paraguay WhatsApp Number List possible to carry out this type of event and they have moved to the internet, where the weight of video games is greater.

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In fact, during the general confinement, the sale and consumption of video games increased by 30% , both console and computer games. This is how they highlight it from the Cultture website , which has raised the laser swords to commemorate Geek Pride Day.

“Free” games on mobile devices especially triumphed . This category is the one that has increased the number of benefits the most. Although the game does not cost money, within it there are numerous benefits that can only be obtained by paying. These range from extra lives to exclusive items such as the famous jack-in-the-boxes, which give out random items.

Video Game Sales Skyrocketed During the Pandemic

This format has been criticize, since they are micropayments that become addictive. And generate a gambling problem that is difficult for the user to identify. One of these extreme cases is that of an American who spent. More than 2,600 dollars in one day on the video game Candy Crush.

Collecting, one of the markets that moves the most money in the world
Video games are currently the most representative among people who are consider geeks. Not only because they consume the game in question. But also because they buy merchandising related to it, such as t-shirts, handbags, key chains or figures. Collecting, as Culture has verified, is one of the most outstanding qualities and activities within the geek group . Here are included books, comics, movies, figures, letters and, in general, a wide variety of options which make it one of the markets that moves the most money in the world.

This is due to the fact that the geek industry that generates. The most profits is the audiovisual industry , starting with movies and currently with more growth in series. Of the major productions released in the cinema or on the new digital platforms during 2020. Four of the ten highest-grossing films can be classified as “geeks”.

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