and unfounded criticism because precisely the essence and the Brazil WhatsApp Number List vocation of this type of publications is to collect the most original and innovative contributions of science, to improve society in areas such as medicine, construction, ecology, education, communication Brazil WhatsApp Number List Being a high-impact magazine is not just having citations in other publications as some academics hollowly argue to, without a doubt, discredit them, because although that is its visible part, there is a much Brazil WhatsApp Number List deeper grassroots work that establishes the journals as a bridge between research and social development. It is clear, on the other hand, that this type of publication does not intend to compete with the mass media that have vv Brazil WhatsApp Number List other purposes, but we must not forget that many of them seek to have an impact on the

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mass communication media within this vocation of reaching out to wide audiences, in Brazil WhatsApp Number List an informative way and without technicalities, the research results that are published. logo-communicate2 “Brazil WhatsApp Number List ”, as a high-impact scientific journal, is also present, Brazil WhatsApp Number List globally, in the media, especially through common social networks (Twitter, Facebook), scientific social networks (ResearchGate, , video portals (YouTube), but we also aspire to mass projection and dissemination through the media. Brazil WhatsApp Number List For this, the role of the authors and the subject matter of the articles is key.

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This work may make sense since the article’s “preprint” is Brazil WhatsApp Number List published because it is already present on the official website, on the networks and it is time to give it the widest “popular” dissemination, although we must not forget that it is never in contradiction with its “scientific impact”, logo-Brazil WhatsApp Number List the Preprints section t the moment the work signed by María Sánchez Valle, Belinda de-Frutos-Torres and Tamara Vázquez-Barrio. Madrid and Valladolid (Spain), entitled “The influence of parents in the acquisition of critical skills on the Internet” (Parent’s influence on acquiring that has already had, before its final publication, a Brazil WhatsApp Number List very high impact in the media

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