sections and format of the manuscript. These indications propose the Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List way in which sources are cited in the text. Some, like Vancouver, use the number assigned to the source in the list of references, arranged in order of appearance in the body of the manuscript; others, like Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List APA, use the name and year system, and the references are arranged alphabetically. In addition, it is specified that each source cited must appear in the list of references. The name and year system for Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List citing a source has been very popular for many years and is still used in many magazines. Its great advantage is the convenience for the author, since the references are not numbered, they can be easily Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List added or deleted.

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No matter how much the list is modified, will remain exactly the Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List same. If there are two or more “Pérez and the problem will be easily solved by citing the first as “Pérez and López (Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List )”, the second as “Pérez and López ()”. One of the drawbacks of the name and year system is for the reader, when a large number of references have to be cited in the same sentence or paragraph, which Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List can make reading difficult. To these various styles, it must be added that each journal makes its adjustments and Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List particularizations of the style selected as a base,

Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List

which must be taken into account when submitting a manuscript to a journal, to avoid an immediate first rejection by the editorial team itself. For example, the journal Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List conforms to the APA style (ver. 6) in a general way, however, when reviewing the text of its articles, it can Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List be found that to refer to a specific page of a source, the colon (eg: García,), but when referring to the APA manual the prefix “p.” is used. (eg, García, 9), this simple example illustrates that it is not only to review the norms for authors of the journal, but also to review the practices of this. The citation of a text can be done in Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List several ways depending on the explicitness of the citation. In the case of APA,

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